Certificate of Empowerment



I here by grant you permission to homeschool in the manner which best suits the need of your child and your family. 


You may look at life as your classroom and gather knowledge from any source including the world as your classroom, libraries, family, vacation, trips, walks in the woods ,TV, audio books, games, video games or what other means are pleasing to your family and include it in your educational review for homeschooling.


You are not required to finish every project you start and you have complete authority to skip sections of books, not complete every project or experiment you begin.


You may even skip a chapter or change the resources if it is not working for you.  


You are empowered to make individual decisions for each child and are not required to use the same material or learning style for each child.


You may choose to live your life according to your life's desire, schedule and priorities.


You may make decisions that best suit your family and spiritual beliefs.  


You are empowered to take vacations when you feel the need rather when school is out.  You are empowered to learn while you are vacationing and use said knowledge in the documenting of your homeschooling.


You are empowered to relax, take time off and just hang out in your sleepwear just because, without explanation.


You may stay up late, sleep in, and you are not required to do formal studies during the hours of 8-3, you are not required to reproduce public school at home, you may have fun, take a mental health break and create your own learning environment.


You are not required to have a desk or set aside a part of your house for homeschooling, you may use your whole house, yard, neighborhood, city, state, country, world as your learning environment.


Most importantly you are in control of your life and learning.


If you should need help remembering your freedom don't hesitate to ask or print this Certificate of Empowerment off and place it where you may read it often until you are empowered.


Remember you are exercising your constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


This empowerment is transferable and you are authorized to extend these privileges to others.  You are hereby given permission to bestow this advice and freedom to other families when ever possible.




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