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New dates for the 2022-2023 school year Pre-Enrollment meetings click here...

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The tuition schedule for the 2022-2023 school year


1st Child 275.00
$ 100.00 for each additional child

Any bounced checks will be charged a $25.00 fee.

Pre-Enrollment Interviews times for 2022-2023 school year  click here...  don't wait these times fill quickly...


First time enrollees must pay in full. After your first year. You may request a payment plan of 3-payments which a $25.00 fee will be added to your tuition.


Payment Plan will be due on the schedule of August 15, September 15, October 15.  Upon request and approval, continuously enrolled members may use the payment plan.  New umbrella members must pay the full pre enrollment fee and tuition. 


A $50.00 late fee will be assessed after October 15th, if tuition is not paid in full. You must contact the director if you need further financial assistance. All tuition must be paid in full by or by Dec. 15 or you will be removed as a member from MPNL umbrella.


We accept checks, cash and money order.

By pre request only for full payment, we will accept Pay Pal transactions. A 4% service fee will be added for pay pal use. Pay Pal accepts major credit and debit cards. You will need to have a pay pal account set up to use Pay Pal. You must contact me first before using Pay Pal.

MPNL has a special e-mail address that is attached to and is not responsible for payment sent to the wrong address and/or Pay Pal account.

Pre Enrollment fee and schedule

A one time non-refundable Pre-Enrollment Conference Fee for continuous enrollment is $75... if paid in full before August 31st of the school year...The Pre Enrollment Conference is required by COMAR 13A.10.01.05


Pre enrollment from September 1 thru September 30, the Pre-Enrollment Fee will be $100.00 for continuous enrollment.


If you enroll between October  Pre enrollment fee of $125 will be required.

All new enrollees must attend the documentation workshop October 23rd, 2019

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Please note:  Some of your field trips and events will require a fee. This information will be communicated to you through the . Umbrella members must join the before the pre enrollment date.


After these times we will not accept enrollment for the remainder of the current school year.



Pre enrollment interview  Is required by the Comar 05 for operating a umbrella program. At this scheduled interview we will cover all the details of complying with the homeschooling regulation tuition " annual visit and end of year documentation.

Annual Visit   Is required by the Comar and is part of your contract with MPNL for reviewing under our homeschool program. New member must complete their annual visit by Dec 31 and those coming in in January and February must complete their responsibility for a annual visit within 30 days.


End of year Review forms is the other part of the Comar 05 Regulation for homeschooling under a umbrella option. You must document your program throughout the year and send it in no later than April 30. All these details will be discussed in full at the mandatory pre enrollment interview.


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In Home visit   A additional $125.00 fee plus gas for an in home "Annual Visit" should you request this option. Payment will be due to MPNL prior to the visit. Must be scheduled by March and completed by April 30th of the school year.


High School program and tuition

Please ask about our High School Program, we will help you coordinate a college bound transcript and portfolio, this is an extra $200.00 per year for enrolled Umbrella members. A $50 Graduation and Diploma fee is due the senior year. Please allow 4 to6 weeks delivery

Notice: Homeschooling students can complete high school in 3 years if desired.

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The process for enrollment is as follows:



1. Contact Tuesdi Harmon


2. Submit a Join request for the, if you are joining, please be sure to list your contact information. This is a requirement to remain in the umbrella. Use your real name, NO NICK NAMES, valid phone number, address and active email address.


3. Sign up onto the datgabase listed on the yahoo group for  requesting a pre enrollment interview Go to the site, For the MPNL umbrella, Find the pre enrollment schedule. Go to the tuition page, download and fill out the enrollment form and bring it filled out date of pre enrollment interview with tuition and pre enrollment fee.    


4. Attend the scheduled pre enrollment interview and mandatory documentation workshop . A meeting where we cover "Annual Visits" Documentations end of year forms and documentation and field trip policy and fulfilling the homeschooling requirements  and more.


5. New enrollees need to attend an "Annual Visit" by Dec 31 of the school year. Annual visit are events, activities and programs MPNL hosts and you must

RSVP and pre pay for the event. A  RSVP is a commitment to pay and attend event.


6. Document your educational program on the MPNL end of year review form  found on files section of the and document  throughout the year . Must mail to me by April 30th of the school year.



Contact by phone or Email the Director of your umbrella group to setup a time for your Pre Enrollment Conference.



MPNL Umbrella Many Paths of Natural Learning, PO Box 740, Jessup, Maryland. 20794
Tuesdi Harmon, Executive Director

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You will also be a member of Maryland Homeschool Resource Network. a comprehensive website devoted to Home School Resources.


Requesting copies Please allow 4 to 6 weeks if you are requesting copies of transcripts or letters stating your enrollment status. Please note: You are responsible for keeping  and printing a back up copy of your  end of year review form.   Be sure to keep, print and email copies of your files for your own records.

Your Responsibilities

I understand that I am ultimately responsible for the education of my child/children as per Comar 13A.10.01.05.

I am willing and able to meet the annual visit requirement by attending at least one event between Sept 1 and April 30th. If you are unable to attend at least one event and need to have a home visit to complete your obligation the fee will be $125.00 a travel gas fee may apply.

I will maintain a on going record of our educational program (review form) and provide a curriculum, resource list, materials/supplies used documenting this by April 30th, a$50.00 late fee will be access after May 15th.

I will maintain internet contact with the Many Paths of Natural Learning yahoo list and the MPNL staff.  Contact should be available on a weekly basis at the least.

If I am at any time unwilling or unable to meet my obligations I will notify MPNL within 1 week. If the issue cannot be resolved within 30 days, membership in MPNL will become null and void and I will be required to review with my county or seek another umbrella program.

If you do not plan to re-enroll please send a letter indicating that you will not be re-enrolling with MPNL, your signature is required and will be kept with your file.


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Umbrella Member Benefits

* A membership card that you can use to receive a10% off educators discount at participating stores, Books Million, Bookstore, Barnes & Noble

* Bookstore, Joann Fabrics, AC Moore, Discovery Store and others...

* Membership into Enchanted Learning - and group discounts on educational program and subscriptions a good resource to have.

* Membership into Maryland Homeschool Resource Network.

* Priority placement in our many field trips and events throughout the year.

* Exciting field trips planned throughout the year! Corn mazes, Port Discovery, Sea Aquarium, Pet Farms, Snow-tubing, Bowling,

N0n-Umbrella Sponsoring Membership Benefits:

* For a $25 donation, A membership card will be sent to you. Please include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) with your enrollment form, this will be used to send you your membership card, username and password for Enchanted Learning.

* Priority placement in our many field trips and events throughout the year. and discounted from e-list member rate.

* Exciting field trips planned throughout the year! Corn mazes, Port Discovery, Sea Aquarium, Pet Farms, Snowtubing, Bowling,

* By participating and bring involved is the key to diversity and wide range of activities, so feel free to jump in and join in the fun!

* Group discounts on educational programs when it can be arranged.

* Access to Maryland Homeschool Resource Network a comprehensive web site.

Our group is a member directed group.

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