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Our oversight procedures:

Members are required to join the Many Paths of Natural Learning Yahoo Group

Members are required to be pro-active in their obligations under the Comar 05.

Members are required by law to do one annual visit for the school year.  We suggest you do two, but you are required to at least do one.  You must agree to do the annual visit at one of our many field trips that are planned throughout the year.  We post these  events on the support group and they are also in the newsletter. 


This is a easy process:


Members are required by law to give a list of the supplies, materials, educational curriculum or any other materials you used throughout the year. 


For ease of use and simplicity we provide an easy to use form to fill out and mail in the US POSTAL SERVICE to Many Paths for your records. We strongly suggest you keep your own records as well.


The annual review is due no later than April 30th of the school year you are currently registered for.


This list should contain:


Demonstrated Skills is just a list with headings on it for each subject they've

covered and as the children do something that comes under one of these heading,

you write it down. You can write down knowledge they show about a topic of

conversation, math skills they use while buying toys and shopping, PE stuff they do

while playing, etc.


Resources Used list has the same subject headings as the Demonstrated Skills list.  Write down the educational resources used; reading/library books, books on tape, movies, radio programs, field trips, people they have discussions with, web sites, subscriptions, newspaper and computer, and whatever else you come across in life that gives them exposure to learning. You can even make note of the grade level of subject especially if its different than their actual grade level.


Recordkeeping for Unschoolers

Reading:   Books, magazines, newspapers, websites, Fiction, biography, 
                        nonfiction, poetry, drama, essays, articles...
Doing:   Cooking, swimming, dog training, babysitting, volunteering, working, 
                    singing, acting, music, math…
Making:    Art, crafts, building, sewing, weaving, beadwork...
Writing:  Journal, stories, letters, website, email, articles… 
Watching and Observing: TV, movies, videos, live theater, demonstrations, 
Listening:  Tapes, radio, music, stories, audio magazines, lectures... 
Talking:  Speech, discussion, explaining, directing, instructing, debating...
Visiting:  Museums, zoos, field trips, traveling exploring...
Thinking:  Planning, analyzing, imagining, plotting...
High School Transcript program
With help and guidance from Many Paths we will work with you in creating your 
own unique college bound high school transcript.  We will help you in assessing each
credit hour, calculating your GPA and/or Carnegie Credit Units.  Many Paths will 
help guide high school students through their 9 -12 grade years. Provide a easy to 
use transcript and portfolio and up to 3 transcript for colleges including 1 parental copy.
There is a Extra fee for the High School Transcript Program.

                 General High School         College bound

English                                       4 years                            4 years

Math                                           2 years                            3 years & Alg. 1 and 2

World history                            1years                             1 year

US History                              1/2 year                         1 year

US Government                      1/2 year                         1/2 year           

World Geography                    2 year                              1/2 year           

Economics                                  1/2 years                       1/2 year    

Science                                       2 year                             2 years

Health                                         1/2 year                        1/2 year  

Foreign Language                      1 year                             2 year

Fine Arts or applied Arts        1 year                             1 year

Computer Science literacy                                              1 year

Physical education                    2 year                              2 years

Electives as needed

Below is a guideline for high schools, most have the following

 graduation requirements:

4 credits     language arts (literature, composition, grammar, vocabulary)

3 credits    social studies, geography, U.S. and world history, government         

3 credits    mathematics, algebra, geometry, algebra 2, trigonometry, calculus    

3 credits    science, physical science, earth science, biology, chemistry, physics Electives

4-8 credits  physical education, home economics, health, typing, computer , science, art.


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