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Many Paths... the church...

a new way to view religion and spirituality.


Check out... Natural Life Magazine

The original Natural Family Magazine, founded in 1976.  Natural Life is trusted by readers around the world who want to learn how to create a green, healthy, frugal, self reliant lifestyle for themselves and their families. or


The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

a very interesting book


another interesting article

What is homeschooling?


Below is your gateway to unlimited resource potential:

MHRN is a free member join website filled with resources, educational materials, ideas, laws and local support groups.

Maryland Homeschool Resource Network

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Maryland Homeschool Resource Network Yahoo Group


Fun and Educational Books :)



Wisdom Seekers Home School Services

Wisdom Seekers Home School Services provides consultative, diagnostic, prescriptive, and tutorial services for children of parents wishing to home school. In addition, these support services are available to students attending public, private, and parochial schools.

~ helping you to make wise decisions about your child's education

Jessie Simmons-Hargrove

410-938-8895 Phone  410-938-8492 Fax


Patuxent Research Refuge Homepage calendar of events

Patuxent Research Refuge is divided into three areas: 1) North Tract, which

offers hunting, fishing, wildlife observation, trails, and many interpretive programs;

2) Central Tract, where the offices and study sites of the many research biologists

are located at the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center; and 3) South Tract,

where the National Wildlife Visitor Center and its trails are located. The National




A support group for homeschoolers who have special need kids. This is a place

to share your concerns and ask question..


Many Paths of Natural Learning Umbrella-Support Group



Nebel's Elementary Education Tapestry of learning Welcome. This site is for users

of Nebel's Elementary Education manual. This manual makes the bridge between

using a child-centered, experiential approach to learning, which captures children's

interest and enthusiasm, and presenting an academically rigorous curriculum. Over 200

 simple exercises are presented in a systematic sequence that will facilitate guiding

children step by step toward developing a comprehensive, integrated understanding in

 all subject areas as well as gaining superior mastery the traditional 3Rs and critical

thinking. Suggestions for inculcation of values is included. Through this e-group you are

 invited to ask questions, offer suggestions, and share experiences with other users

regarding your using and your children's learning from this curriculum. I, the author, will

be on hand to help to the extent of my ability. With regards, Bernie Nebel


Maryland Office of Tourism - Calendar of Events

Maryland Office of Tourism 217 East Redwood Street | Baltimore, Maryland 21202

 1-866-639-3526 or 1-866-MDWelcome

Maryland Office of Tourism - Publications

Maryland Calendar of Events

Visitors guide to colleges and universities in Maryland

Baltimore's Child


the LINKletter is a combination of LINKS and letters/articles dealing with home

schooling... the LINKletter should come out weekly... you may send anything of

interest to although this is primarily HS... HSing can

cover a lot of subjects <g> .. what are you studing? what LINKS do YOU need?

 LETTERS:anything dealing with education, style of learning, child developement,

 HINTS for HSing appreciated at all times. Find a web site or created one?


Weekly science experiments that can be done with household items. Topics vary from physics, chemistry, biology, earth science, etc. Most are easy enough for young students, and most can be adapted for older students and adults




Altlearn Map Network of Natural Learning (Unschooling)

The Natural Child Project - attachment parenting, homeschooling, children's art and more

Educational Heretics Press (home page)

Informal Learning @ the informal education homepage

Unschooling or Homeschooling? - F.U.N. News, #12

These are just some of our favorites, there are more on the website...

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