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Many Paths holds the belief that learning is a life long process and homeschooling is a family adventure.

*We at Many Paths believe that families and students  learn best when self motivated. We strive to help you  accomplish this goal.

*Many Paths goal is that each family and student  should follow their own path strengths and learning  styles.

*We recognize that the family has a intuitive insight to what is best for their educational choices.

*Many Paths will support and give guidance and  direction on educational resources and activities to best enhance your learning environment.


*Many Paths will draw on the uniqueness of the family, focuses on commonalties and mutual respect   to develop the most natural learning environment.


*It is important that the family knows they are the  ones to decide what curriculum or educational  choices that are to be used.  Many Paths does not require any specific curriculum. We will help with suggestions and ideas.


*We support the child-led / unschooling philosophies.


*We welcome participation suggestions, idea's and any involvement to enhance the group for all.


*We at Many Paths require no more than the Comar 05 law. We do not require more than the law  states!   We do however, require you to have FUN...


*Umbrella members are exempt from the county review process and portfolio preparation.


*We require NO document of faith to be signed.


*We do not require you to belong to any church or have any particular faith.


*We do not require any religion to be taught or religion to be taught from any particular  perspective unless this is your families desire.


*We comply with the Comar 05 laws governing  umbrellas. Requiring a pre-enrollment interview, a annual visit at the place where the pupil receives instruction, a list of supplies, resources, educational materials and curriculum used throughout the year with follow-up visits as necessary.


*An easy to use demonstrated skills & resources form for families to document their schooling. A fun  &exciting family annual visit process, at one of our  educational field trips, not in your home. We do suggest you keep your own personal portfolio.


*Members of Many Paths are  diverse in their spiritual beliefs, we have members on this group from all faiths and religions including Jewish, Christian, Pagan, Wicca, Hindu, and Muslim. Respecting others beliefs is a must for joining our group.




Respecting others beliefs is a must for joining our group. 

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